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RESLEGAL Lawyers is a team of professionals for whom law does not only mean regulations, judicial decisions or comments on legislation. Most of all it is a passion allowing them to draw satisfaction from earned successes. We offer assistance to both entrepreneurs and individual clients.

A successful lawyer is a person who knows a given field of law thoroughly; that is why we place importance on specialization. In this way the Client is directed to an expert who is able to provide professional legal assistance.

Our law firm has a few branches in the Subcarpathian Province with its main office in Rzeszów. We are also the winners of a few prizes and accolades. We also boast the Honest Entrepreneur Certificate.

You can learn more about us on our website

To get to know more, visit our main office website as well as, the websites of our branches


The effects of our work are confirmed by our Clients’ assessment. Good opinions resulted in our numerous awards.

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